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The Screaming Room and Bone Thief
Bone Thief

Bone ThiefIn this powerful novel, Thomas O'Callaghan proves himself a worthy successor to Thomas Harris as he introduces one of the most compelling and terrifying serial killers since Hannibal Lecter in a book where every harrowing page crackles with the white-knuckle sense of a race against time and the gritty authenticity of a real forensic investigation.

A housewife snatched in broad daylight.

A tattooed drifter displayed under a boardwalk.

A high-society heiress left in a city dump.

The women seem to have no connection except one: they have all been the victims of a twisted madman who slays his victims and steals their bones as gruesome trophies.

Since tragedy struck his own family, Lieutenant John W. Driscoll has been a man on the edge of both sanity and life. But now, with New York City in the grip of panic, Driscoll is needed more than ever. With the stakes rising every hour, he'll have to guide a troubled team while battling his own demons in order to hunt and catch the most cunning predator he's ever faced -- a serial killer who is the very soul of evil and whose most shocking revelation is yet to come.

Brimming with authentic details of police work and forensic investigation, Thomas O’Callaghan’s debut thriller is a white-knuckle journey into darkness.

Goldmann Bertelsman, a division of Random House, will publish Bone Thief in Germany and rights to this book and a sequel have been assigned to Domino Publishing in the Czech Republic.

Bone Thief will also be featured as an Alternate Selection of the Literary Guild, Doubleday Book Club, and the Mystery Guild.

Published by Pinnacle
January 2006
paperback / 384 pages
ISBN: 0-7860-1811-9


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