Thomas O'Callaghan

Thomas O'Callaghan writes in such a fashion that his novels will actually terrify you. 

Lt. John W. Driscoll

NYPD Lieutenant John Driscoll is every man in that his life is shaped by both the happenings of his present and the hauntings of his past. His father, also a policeman, had provided for the physical needs of his family, but came up short where it counted by turning his back on his obligation to fill their emotional needs. Spending much of his time in what John’s mother angrily called the beer garden, John Sr. escaped his own demons, but etched neglect on the souls of his family.

At the age of eight, young John suffered the loss of his mother. Despondent and depressed, she chose suicide over life, abandoning and traumatizing him in a matter of seconds. But, he persevered.

Why he chose to become a policeman remains a perplexity for John Driscoll. Had he wished to walk in his father’s footsteps, to perhaps, mend his ways? As with so many other mysteries in life, that question remains unresolved. But, ‘the job’, as it is commonly referred to, offered John uniformity, a much needed commodity in his otherwise frazzled world.

Enter Colette. A panoply of rapture for Driscoll. Falling in love with her is a wonder-filled ride. True magic! Pure delight! Together, they establish a home, give birth to their daughter, Nicole, and hand in hand, look joyously forward. Until tragedy befalls Driscoll again. On a bright and cloudless afternoon in May, fifteen years into a happy marriage, the family van is broadsided by an eighteen-wheeler, robbing Driscoll of his cherished Nicole, and catapulting his wife into an irreversible coma. But, again, he persevered.

And here is where we meet the man. The hero of Bone Thief, The Screaming Room, and No One Will Hear Your Screams. Trappings and all. I invite you, now, to join John Driscoll as he attempts to overcome his demons, carve out a life, and capture a madman. I caution you to hold on tight, but, please . . . enjoy the ride.