Thomas O'Callaghan

Thomas O'Callaghan writes in such a fashion that his novels will actually terrify you. 


"Not for the faint of heart, this novel is perhaps the most accomplished of the series with its chilling forensics, riveting suspense sequences, grisly details, and a diabolical villain who’s wholly consumed by merciless revenge. Ultragruesome murders are no match for a trio of detectives in this standout thriller." 
— Kirkus Reviews

"A fast-paced and compelling read. O'Callaghan depicts a serial killer like no other. Imagine Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, and Bible John, fused into one heinous beast. Not all serial killers are the same. Tilden, the evil antihero of this inflammable tale, is compelled by urges that wreak havoc on his human targets. Obsessed by a macabre plan, he implements his sordid designs on the bodies of his multiple victims. He baffles and disorients the forces of law and order- except for Lieutenant Driscoll, whose fervent imagination knows no bounds and whose understanding of evil makes him the prime investigator in this aberrant case. Read this novel, and be haunted!"
— Anne K. Howard, 2020 INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD and 2018 LITERARY EXCELLENCE PENCRAFT AWARD winning author of HIS GARDEN: Conversations With A Serial Killer

"Worth the wait! O'Callaghan is back with a vengeance and this time he delivers a complex but nuanced thriller that grabs you by the throat and never let's go. And that, by way, is a very good thing." 
Gregg Olsen, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of WATER'S EDGE

"No One Will Hear Your Screams is a gritty crime thriller of the highest order. Thomas O'Callaghan has woven a superb neo-noir, carved from the fabric of the likes of Michael Connelly and James Elroy with just enough Don Winslow mixed in for good measure. Bracing when it needs to be, bold when it wants to be and blistering from beginning to end, No One Will Hear Your Screams is sure to leave you screaming for more."
— Jon Land, USA Today Bestselling Author of the eleven book Caitlin Strong series

"Thomas O’Callaghan’s No One Will Hear Your Screams, features NYPD homicide lieutenant John Driscoll, a man fighting his own demons, on the trail of a diabolical killer who’s unleashed a murderous rampage on the city. Not for the faint of heart, No One Will Hear Your Screams, is coldly graphic in its depiction of the grisly acts of a depraved killer, yet compassionate  in its portrayal of the human heart at war with itself in the pursuit of justice."
Con Lehane, author of six mystery novels, his latest being MURDER OFF THE PAGE

"A first class crime thriller:  a fast moving story that never deviates from its goal:  find the killer, stop the killing, save the lives of very vulnerable women."
Pat Mullan, Ireland's Chair of The International Thriller Writer's Association and author of A DEADLY GAMBLE

“Thomas O’Callaghan has created a dark, compelling novel filled with thrills, kills, twists and turns that feel so real you’ll be scared to read it alone. Police procedurals don’t get much better than this. I highly recommend it.” 
Alex Shaw, #1 International Kindle Bestselling author of the Aidan Snow, SAS thriller series.

"Thomas O’Callaghan has crafted a story that will both frighten and captivate you until the very end.”
The Nerdy Girl Express

"No One Will Hear Your Screams had an excellent plot that had some great twists that kept me on the edge of my seat! I loved how the pieces all fell into place rounding out the entire stories and leading to those great “AH HA!” moments as the book wrapped up.”
She Just Loves Books

"This is a well-written thriller with characters you root for and follow along as they look to find the killer before he strikes more. Here’s to more John Driscoll novels.”
Red Carpet Crash

"I recommend this book to readers who don't have a weak stomach and are looking for a great book to read. This one will cure your reading slump!”
Cheryl’s Book Nook

"O’Callaghan delivered with an unthinkable sociopathic killer that had me squirming in fear for this character. The plot is razor sharp and the story pacing moved quickly with the short chapters that I really enjoyed."
Nurse Bookie

"This author has a very vivid and scary imagination that will terrify you. It’s one of those books that you can’t put down! The story unwinds and has a cast of characters all entwined together. You have to keep track and pay attention from word one through the end.”
Sandie Vega, NetGalley

"If you are a fan of thrillers then this is a book you will want to read.”
The Good Men Project

"recommend it for those who enjoy crime thrillers (and don’t mind them a bit gory).”
Books I Think You Should Read

"I think if you like thrillers, this is a book for you. Sit back, enjoy it in a well-lit room as this fast-paced story unfolds right before your eyes.”
My Shelf

"This fast-paced thriller will have you reading one more chapter easily... you’ll feel like you are breezing through this thrilling murder mystery.”
Sincerely Stacie

"The investigation run by the Driscoll trio is top-notch, as we watch them follow clue after clue, each one leading them closer to Tilden. Meanwhile, Tilden’s murders become more and more brutal, and this is what adds the necessary horror tones to what could have been a routine crime story. NO ONE WILL HEAR YOUR SCREAMS is a solid read and one that requires a strong stomach and physical constitution to get through.”
Hell Notes
"A very creepy mystery. This was very well done. I will read more of this author. The book has a lot of action and is very well written.”
Ann Stobbs, It Was a Dark and Stormy Book Club

"Hot on the heels of a deranged serial killer, and unlikely witnesses and clues, Thomas O’Callaghan‘s No One Will Hear Your Screams serves up a chilling read. One excellent in writing and plot.”
Frost at Midnite
“Fast-paced and full of action.”
Joyful Antidotes